Monday, July 25, 2011

a taste....

 I know it is the middle of summer..more or less..but..

I CAN'T WAIT FOR AUTUMN!~ {my favorite time of year}

With all the rush of summer and juggle of schedules and busy busy busy....I forgot there is an autumn until today.   Running an errand at lunch I slipped into Starbucks and ordered an iced coffee and a slice of pumpkin bread.

As soon as I popped a piece in my mouth crossing the parking lot, a taste of autumn slipped in and it all came back to me.

ahhh.  autumn.

knitting, and pumpkins and crunching leaves and a new school year and cooler weather and fun.   I LOVE AUTUMN...   and I got a little taste today.


(I needed was a harder day....)

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