Friday, July 22, 2011

Wearing the big girl pants....

This morning, as my heart was struggling with the decision I made yesterday, and to be honest, I was feeling sorry for myself...sorry for my kids.....  I realized something {hard}:

I am the "victim" of my own choices.   ...the consequences of the choices I have made in life have changed options, circumstances....for me...AND {the part that hurts} for my children.  I don't need to wave my finger around looking for the person to blame or toss n turn in consternation wondering "Why God?"  "Why us?"  (And yes I know, Know KNOW...our situation is so much BETTER than two thirds of the earth.)

Because each and every one of us on planet earth reap what we sow.  Bottom line.

I just keep bumping up against the reaping/sowing principle EVERYWHERE, but now, clad in my big girl pants, I am seeing it and owning up to it.

It still hurts when you or those you care about reap a harvest from not good choices, even if some are choices made out of ignorance.  It still hurts....

But, there are two comforting realizations in this  principle:

1) Since I am  realizing  and accepting that my kids and I reap what we sow, we have the power to SOW DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!  {That is HUGE!}  We have choices.  We can own up to the fact that a large percentage of what we experience in life is due to our very own choices.  We can change those choices!  That is hope!

2)  God does not leave us alone in our pain as we walk through the reaping. Before God made Adam and Eve leave the garden, he clothed them, he instructed them.  He had already started putting into action his plan of eternal redemption.  His plan of letting Jesus reap the penalty for the sin we all have sown.  God is compassionate, merciful, loving...and in the middle of our reaping, WHATEVER it is, He tucks His presence, His love, His self...with blessings to boot.

So, as my heart hurts a bit today, and I realize some things feel hard for me and my kids, I do see we are not helpless victims and with eyes-wide-open learning, God is with us.  He will take even this reaping and use it for our good.

3 Things Others Said:

GraceGal said...

God told me a few years ago that He had painted GRACE over the canvas of my family's lives, when it didn't look like it.
He has us covered by his covenant mercy.

May His love blanket you with healing and empower you with courage to make any changes needed.

Mom said...

Daughter mine, this post really touches my heart. May I help? Momma

Mom said...

This post, daughter-mine, touches my heart deeply. May I help?