Monday, August 22, 2011

an unintentional last day of summer...

I thought it was over.  this last day of summer.   just finished with this and that..and ready to call it a night.  then I read Ann's words tonight  and realized it was not quite over:

"Unless we make it a habit to give thanks, we habitually give our family grief. Unless we consistently speak praise, we consistently speak poison. Unless we are intentional about giving God glory throughout the day, our days unintentionally give way to grumbling."

oh my.  how i have lost sight of so much....rushing the wishing of these last days of summer away.  stressed to the max..poison tongue more times than not, grumbling more than praising and habitually giving my family grief.  how sad...  not the way I wanted to let this summer end.

reaping what I have sowed....and not sowing well.

"It’s in praising a Savior in all things that we are we saved from discouragement in all things."  - Ann

In all things....

even in this last day of summer not done well. with headaches and bad haircuts and raised voices and tears....and seperation and isolation...

it feels like a summer lost.  let me not do that again. help me before it is too late and they are all gone.

this moment, I will cry..for His help.  Then I will walk into each sleeping room and praise him for the blessing of them and pray a blessing over them as they start their new school year tomorrow morning.

let me know forget you in all the stuff, the busyness, the stress.

how will they ever see you truly, if I never focus?


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