Wednesday, November 02, 2011

i am my father's daughter

this weekend, as I was working on several projects, I came to a surprising realization how much I am like my dad.

See, when dad works on my "honey do" list, I often hear exclamations of "Oh Man!, Gosh"...big sighs,  huffing and puffing.   I use to worry and ask mom, is everything think ok.  She would reassure me that this was just the way papa works, and we would both chuckle.

This past week, I was sewing a gift for my daughter to take a a birthday party.   From my sewing room, she could hear me sassing my sewing machine, sighing, "goshing" and expressing frustration.  Several times she came in and said, Mom..that is ok, I don't have to go.   I would reply, oh, no, that's ok.  I'm just working on it.  

After a few times explaining, the light went on.  I am just like papa!   I shared this with my daughter, and even imitated a good "Oh Man!  Gosh!". She agreed.  I sounded just like papa.

This weekend, I worked for hours on the project below.  Painting and sanding and sassying the spray painter, sewing cushion seats and telling off the staple gun!   My son remarked, "You have been working on this all day, are you having fun?"

I thought fun?  FUN?!  Who said anything about fun?  I had to laugh though.  I told him, it will be fun when I am all done. :P

So here is the result of my weekend efforts.   Unfortunately the pictures are taken with my phone so they are a little fuzzy.

These were all dark brown stained mis-matched chairs and an old table that the leaves slide in and underneath the center part.

I love pink, aqua and red, and thought...why not!!?  If it makes me smile (when it is all done) why not paint it this way.  The black part of the table is chalkboard paint.   (An idea I saw on Pinterest for a coffee table) we have chalked out messages to each other.."Anyone want Pumpkin Pie?"  "Trick or Treat"  or "God is bigger than my ____________" (fill in the blank).

I experimented a bit with the painting.  The table has 3 coats...aqua, white, then aqua again.  The chairs have two,..white then the end color.  Table was painted with a brush, the chair with a spray painter, then touched up with a brushed...and all sanded for the shabby look.   I made the seat cushions from some burlap, ric-rac and fabric gathered in my thrift store hunts.

so Voila!  Our kitchen table and chairs...papa-style!

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