Friday, January 20, 2012

something lasting forever?

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someone said to me yesterday...God knew in advance how few of us would choose Him, would choose His Son, but we were so valuable to Him, that He sent His Son in our place, to die, just in case we would...

I think of that.  His love...the value of me, to him.  Not my roles, or to dos, not what I can do for him, not what I do or don't do, how good I am, how well I perform, how useful.

he loves....
like the king and maiden in song of solomon, he loves me because he values me, wants to be with me, not because of what I can do...or don't do.

i think about the work of my hands...and often feel guilty.  I cannot do enough.  i do not do enough..i think.   someone said, our feelings of guilt like this, are a sign that we are making ourselves "over-responsible", we are taking on things he did not intend for us to.

so...i look at my work....of being a mom, solo parenting, and being a daughter, and providing for my children...and i would often discount it.  not big enough.  not important enough.  not like an author, or speaker, or singer...whose work would last...

but i see, in four young faces, and in two life-creased faces...and even in little four-pawed furry faces..... something different. 

i read in Ann's words today. (so worth the time to read, truly!)

‎"They may not etch today’s accomplishments on memorial stone, but the thing is granite erodes anyways. And quiet people know it so we get up every day and we make the porridge and wash the underwear and pay the bills and tend to the hurting and we etch the love on the hearts, that which beats on without end and we pulse throughout the universe.There’s a way to do work that lasts forever. Just do everything with love"

 and it echos in my heart.   work that lasts forever.  this home, these kids, these grandparents....this love.   this is my work that lasts for ever.   my working so I can send them to a Christian school.  our daily choices ...this in love.

His love for me, and nothing else, was enough to give the life of His son.   So my life - given out in providing for my children, and loving on them as a momma...that is enough...that is the most..that is an everlasting work.

"three things remain, faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love."  I cor 13

go read Ann today...and warm your heart. How the Work you do Today can last forever. 

press on and hold steady...

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