Monday, August 13, 2012

in search of fall

112 degrees driving home from work 6 pm it cooled down to 107  Ouchy for a gal who does not like summer.


i like spring rain and flower blossoms
i like winter coats and boots and frosty air
i like fog
i like raindrop sounds
i will admit I love fresh garden tomatos....which is summer...but really 107??!!!!

i love all things fall
all things from the first cooler leaf crunch through the thrill of Christmas day...
even the quiet indoor weeks that follow..when you can knit, or read or make a pot of chili..

i love that.

but now...not so much....
my kids school doesn't even start for three more weeks, where many have started last week and today...some schools next week... we are waiting until Sept 4...

which is fun for my kids....Sept and back to school seem to go together....

but momma is ready for fall

we will get a few more summertime memories in...camping on the delta..camping in Tahoe...maybe a trip to Fisherman's wharf and Monterey..(besides tomatos, going coastal is the ONLY other good thing about summer)...

longing for the fallness and back to school routine....fingers aching to knit and bundle up and dig out my boots from the back of the closet....

hot lattes, and books and coffee shop chats...and starting to watch Gilmore Girls again with season 1...

warm socks

friend knitting

bag of apples

leafy lane

my little pumpkin

apple apron

warm latte's

pumpkin field

kitty pumpkin

Mary Chess

porch reading (Nick)

Sunny pumpkin

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