Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art and soul...

I never blog anymore...huh?

I know.

I think a lot of things.

I facebook a bit.

But just don't blog ...sigh...

But I wanted to share a couple things.  The first is some fun mixed-media Art.   Thanks to Cindy Davis, and Dana Regules...for inviting me to an Art night.  SUCH therapy and so fun!  Cindy runs The Blue Egg Garage...great artistic classes and so much fun.

Here is the fun that I made last night, now hanging in my office!

 It is funny, when Dana asked me what type of girl I wanted, long hair, short, color of hair.  I said long, wavy.   She thought I was making it for someone else, but I was making it for ME!  My fantasy self with long wavy grey hair...ha ha.  like this.

And here it is in my little cubicle at work...right at home!  :)

I also wanted to share a video that my son Nick is in .  A freshman, well now sophomore, he is part of the sign team at his school and some of them performed at the graduation commencement ceremony last Friday.   He is the one on the right in a tux.  They did the song I Wish, by Rascal Flatts.

It was very touching.  (filmed it from my phone, so sorry for the quality..and the first 5 seconds or so are slow.)

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