Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I am weary of facebook.   Facebook has made SOO MANY tiresome changes over the past few months that it is practically impossible to connect with who you want to connect with.  ALL I ever see is this junk stuff from some place or another that I liked once upon a time.....sigh...so protest protest. :)  Perhaps I will return to blogging....and pretend facebook does not exist.   I will put {thelist} on here, maybe...and there it will sit.


a fun and yummy Thanksgiving
boardgames..specifically RISK and DixIT
"new" (to us) red leather chair
presents hiding, or on their way in the mail
a surprise in the toe of my stocking, when unpacked from last year
a picture of a pickup with a tree on my wall (Thank you)
time off
at this very moment, not feeling stressful about anything
first game of the basketball season tonight!
putting up a few decorations....taking it slow :)


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