Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January is here...but winter is no where to be found

 Here it is January.   No snow, no rain, no need for winter in site.  :(

Seeing that fall and then winter are my two favorite seasons (in that order), this camper-ette isn't too thrilled with no winter...  really.

But at least we have basketball....

and knitting....

and Pinterest....

and movies.....

:)  at least we have that.

I have been doing a lot of "dumb" knitting.  Knitting that does not require much brainpower, forethought or following a pattern, just clickety-click click, knit knit purl purl.  The calming act of knitting.

I was knitting at a basketball game last night.  Talking to the momma beside me, I talked about how I knit in lines, waiting knitting.   I knit in the Starbuck line.  I knit in the grocery checkout line.  I knit waiting to pick up the kids from an event.  I knit at stop lights.   Waiting knitting.

She looked at me and asked if I had ADD.  Is knitting a symptom of ADD?

Scarves, cowls, hats, ....knit knit knit.....and no need for a sweater in sight.

My car (Suburban intermittently called Hootie) in intensive care.   He has been at Otis Automotive going on the third week.   Too many times I get the message it is fixed, only for it to become crippled a block or two later...and limp on back...two times on the back of a tow truck!  Silly.  Embarrassing.  Stressful.   So I have been renting a mini-van for the last two weeks.     Ugh. 

Christmas was good.  Pricey, but good.   I took three weeks off...YES!   Lots of crafting and wrapping and secrets!  :)  fun....

Nick in Red, air bound

And now we are all about basketball.   All four of my minions are on teams....with Ollie and Mei on the same team, Tad on Jr High Boys, and Nick co-captain and starting point-guard on varsity.  Friday nights can get a bit hectic...but fun.   Tuesdays are just that is good.

I have been a year in my new job....same company, different division, at Intel.  And I still enjoy the work I am doing so much more than when I was in IT.   Learning lots every day.

and so, we sit at the beginning of 2014, ...... which I have mixed feelings about....

In the words of Forest Gump, "That's all I got to say about that!"

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