Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Isn't that just like God?

So Nicholas has fallen in love with soccer at school. Not being a “soccer mom” and not understanding how it all works…I was clueless on how to get him on a soccer team. After talking to a few folks, I went by the indoor soccer place a month ago. It was very exciting, but very discouraging. Only teams can join there, not individuals. And all the teams are set in the summer, when the park and rec league does their soccer we missed it until next summer. The guy mentioned there was a sheet to put your name on, in case a coach is looking for players. I did that, but not with much hope. Especially after I talked to one coach and he more or less said, at 7 yr old, he would be looking for kids that played for a couple years already, vs a beginner, if he was looking for anyone. L Then, I was thinking how would I even get him to the practice when I work all day….anyway….

I had a very disappointed little boy. But as we left I prayed…God here is a little boy that would LOVE to play soccer, if you could work it out….

Well a month has come and gone and I told Nicholas that we would get him signed up this coming summer, but knowing of our trip to China, and our move…I was worried whether it would happen or not…..

Having put it out of my mind, I got a call yesterday. A coach is wanting to get some more boys on a new team. No problem that Nicholas was a beginner…J I was ecstatic!! So was Nicholas when I told him…now here is where God went over the top! The first game is this Saturday (indoors) and the time is just recreational so NO PRACTICES to try to get him to!!! They were the same uniform that the summer Folsom league wears. He said I could check with Off-side Soccer, here in Folsom, to see if they had any left.

So I went down there. They had ONE shirt left for kids. Nicholas’ size!!!! And the grand finale…the coach wanted me to call back and give him the number of the Jersey. At school, each of the kids in Nicholas’ class has number they use all year long for papers, getting in lines…etc……. Nicholas school number is 17. oh…the number on his jersey? 17! That was just the icing on the cake for Nicholas.

Isn’t it just like God to love his sons like that? Right now Nick is trying on his uniform…so excited!

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