Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not Sleepn....

It is 2.43 am and I am not sleeping....I dislike nights like this as I end up tossing and turning all night and am exhausted the next day. Woke up from a dream about a flood and rising waters and trying to walk my way back to those I love...and my cell phone not working. Amazing how technology will now work its way into your nightmares...the modern age.

The dream made me think about safe and not safe. The quote from Narnia, on Aslan not being safe, but being good. That is hard to handle. You want your family to be safe. I don't mean no trials, or challenges....I am not asking for mutant, undeveloped catapillars vs butterflies, but a mom's heart wants to pray for her child's safety and think it has an impact.

"If I should gain the whole world (safety) and lose my soul..." I guess safety of the soul is more important...even there we have guarantees. We can share, pray, have an environment that encourages our children to choose God, and yet, it is still up to them. Scary thoughts, that there are no guarantees...

So what is a sleepless mother to do?

Realize that God loves my dear child even more than I. That He place my children in my care for a reason. That even though I will pray, guide, provide, protect, correct and build a legacy of God for them in every way possible, the God of the Universe, all Sovereign, all loving, all knowing, has much more resources at His disposal to orchestrate the wooing of my children to Him.

Ah, are good.

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Sue S said...

Hi you! Good to hear from you. We missed you while we were down there last week, just too much going on. Well Nik is all married now, so trying to get back to normal now. Things are going well. I love seeing your little lady, she's adorable! What are your plans for Oregon?