Saturday, February 04, 2006

Joy of Cookies and Chocolate Kisses

Valentine decorations are up in our household.....after grocery shopping, bathtime...while the boys were playing, I made a treat. Sugar cookies with hearts and a melting chocolate kiss on each. Nicholas and Anthony were delighted and "goo-endowed" with the treat.

"I love you mommy" Big hug, "You are the best".

----worth every second of it...

God protected my little ones today, as they were spending Saturday with their dad and coming down the hill from Loomis 70 miles an hour ( eyebrows were raised as well when I heard that piece of the story)...and the suv had a major blow out on the back tire...the kind that leaves no trace of a tire! God's angels must have been holding the sides of the car to keep it from rolling.....

All were safe, although a bit shaken up as I drove out to pick them up from the side of the highway!! wonder I baked sugar cookies! Thank you God....for protecting my little earth angels.

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