Thursday, March 02, 2006

Be the Poem....

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.”
David Carradine

My little poetry reader, Anthony, had a spring recital today. He was so well practiced, complete with gestures and sound effects, as he quoted The Woodpecker. I was so proud of him…I know his heavenly Father was too, as be bent over to watch his little one. Anthony practiced for weeks and weeks and this was so important to him. Thank you Lord, for such a blessing to me!

I am trying to upload a couple photos of it...but not having success....

Because of the recital, I had an hour of "down time" this morning. I got to spend some uninterrupted time doing bible study reading and prayer journaling. what a difference it makes!

One verse that stuck out to me 1 Timothy 6:19

Take Hold of the life that is TRULY life!

Yes! Take hold of it. It takes conscious, focused effort on our part. Not passivity, but pursuing God....O Lord that I could keep that more in mind and prioritize my day with it.

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