Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Case of the Missing Bears.....

So are you really missing?
Or Escaped?
Two little boys are frantic,
because you've been misplaced.

One afternoon was acceptable,
one evening a little tough
yet thinking you would still turn up
if we looked hard enough.

Lastnight Anthony's wimpers
Soon drifted off to sleep
But tonight the bearless lullabies
cause my boys to weep.

Nick would like to think
He's too old for this stuff,
but when it comes to bedtime
No Pooh too tough.

Anthony's still young enough
That he will boldly say
If Teddy's not in bed with me
I'll stay awake til day.

I've quickly tried to look around
the playroom, 'neath couch and chairs
closets, beds and on top bunks,
but Bears, you are not there!

Tomorrow the house gets really tossed
as they say, upside down,
and Pooh and Teddy, ya better come out
and let yourself be found!

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