Friday, March 03, 2006

Dishes by Candlelight and other thoughts...

Nick and Anth's future wives will either thank me or scratch their heads perplexed over the two hopeless romantics I have cultivated.

Friday night dinner of t-Rex and Triceratops shaped chicken nuggets, and Ravioli ala Chef Boy-R-Dee was not complete for them unless we turned out all the lights and lit the candles. What's a mother to do?

Andrea Bocelli on the CD player:

"Mom, what kind of music is this?"


"Mom, what kind of food is ravioli?"


"How about green beans?"

"Could be pretty much anything."


"Mom, can you put on that's Amore?"


After dinner, they left for piratey adventures in the playroom. I turned on the light to clean the dishes, and it just felt wrong. So I turned off the light and scrubbed the dishes by candlelight, with a pirouette or two from the table to the sink.

I am not quite sure who is influencing who....

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