Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I figured out what I am! Disturbed. I was wondering if I was just getting negative? Or if I was having a slightly past mid-life crisis (depending on where you stop the counter) or if I was just losing it? Depression perhaps? Then today I read a paragraph in Kay Warren's book, Dangerous Surrender: What Happens When You Say Yes to God , and it nailed it! I am disturbed! :)

"The word disturbed is often associated with mental illness and instability. We say, "He's disturbed," when we describe someone who reacts in an overly emotional way or appears troubled emotionally. I want to redefine this word, because I believe that God is looking for some disturbed people. He is searching for men and women, students, and young adults who will allow him to disturb them by making them truly see the world in which we live—so disturbed that they will be compelled to do something about what they see." Warren, Kay

Now I have to figure out what to do about it! Kay goes on to say, in the same book, that little ol' me is exactly what God is looking for....

"God chose me to be an ordinary person! He could have made me smarter, more talented, and more beautiful if he had chosen to—but his hands lovingly shaped me just the way he wanted me to be. Why? Because my ordinariness, when surrendered to God, allows him to make a miracle out of my life in much the same way as when he fed thousands of hungry people with two tiny fish and five loaves of bread nearly two thousand years ago. Truly, little becomes much when we place it in his hands."

You know, I have this book, but I have not read it. I guess I need to dust it off and get with it....and not just fill up on the seed, but sow the word I hear into my life!

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