Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Plethora: Workout Dogs and Greatest Hits

  • So I had a plethora (Plethora: a: the state or an instance of surpassing usual, proper, or specified limits. the amount or degree by which one thing or quantity exceeds another) of thoughts as I drove back to the office from lunch, and I thought rather than writing three different blogs, I would combine them into one, full, rich and diverse (lol) post. J So here goes:

    There is a Cost:

    As I was stopped at an intersection light, an attractive couple, looked like in their early 30’s, walked across the crosswalk hand in hand. He was tall, athletic, short hair-cut, wearing navy, nylon workout pants, white nylon workout jersey and sports shoes. She was shorter, blonde, not super fit, but a step or two above average, wearing black workout pants, sports shoes, and a tight-fitting, pink, spandex workout jersey. As they walked past, I could see the contour of her back, mostly muscle, bone and a little extra that she was probably trying to rid herself of.

    And I thought, the price you have to pay to be “coupled”. You have to wear form-fitting workout clothes and…well, I guess…..actually WORK OUT! Gosh! Too high of a price to pay if you ask me! LOL!

    (Yes, I know. That is coming from the 3 month 5K running queen who was SO into it that it became a metaphysical experience and has not touched a treadmill or running shoes in MONTHS, since I fell and skinned my knees. No excuse. I know. I still want to get back with it one day. Not for any “coupling” agenda, but because it made me feel good. But currently I have other self-improvement/life improvement tasks on my agenda, and there is only so much transformation a gal can handle at one time! So there.)

    Anyway, it did make me think of the things we feel compelled to do when we are in a relationship. Some good no doubt, things we should have focused on anyway, and some down right stupido! No? J So I am glad I am not compelled to wear tight, pink, spandex until I am ready to wear it. J Now, on to the dogs.

    My Dog Digs…Carmel?

    Also, while I was driving, I saw a bone shaped bumper sticker that read: “My Dog Digs Carmel.” And I thought, hmmm. I wonder why? And what does my dog dig? And I thought, perhaps I should get a bumper sticker that reads: “My dog digs the laundry room”. LOL. His delegated dwelling place when we are not home or when we are sleeping to limit his potty opportunities to a confined perimeter.

    Bella would be in a heap of trouble, if she wasn’t so darn cute! The potty training is not progressing well. She has the potty down, but not the training. We have became a family without rugs. We already had wood and tile floors, but now even the area rugs have disappeared, or received so many wash cycles they need to disappear. I know, kind of, that it is a big part my fault because I don’t take her out to the grass in the freezing cold or falling rain to do her business. But she DOES have potty pads. The problem is she cannot differentiate between potty pads and throw rugs. Ugh!

    But we still all find her a joy. Mary loves to hold her and even puts up with the playful nipping at the heels as she walks in her jammies. Nick has a great puppy game with Bella where they run behind furniture and pop out at each other and laugh and bark. (Bella does the barking.) Tadpole loves the early morning wake up kisses, as I put Bella in his bed to be the morning alarm lick. And I just love to pat her furry little tummy and nuzzle her head. She is just too cute. Her black fur is starting to turn a little brownish, it will be interesting to see how she changes. She pretty much digs life…and we dig her.

    So on to greatest hits.

    Greatest Hits

    I am a LOST fan, BIG TIME. Well, there are some bigger. I don’t stalk forums or try to figure out the plot in advance, but I do highly enjoy the show. I do not have TV channels, so I wait impatiently for the entire season to come out on DVD, then stay up too late watching episode after episode. So I am just getting to the tail end of season 3, when I know season 4 is on the air.

    The 3rd to the last episode of season 3 is called Greatest Hits, and it is where a character, Charlie, writes out his 5 greatest moments of his life to date. It is a very touching episode, and as I watched it (over lunch) I thought, what would be my greatest hits? If I boiled it down to a few of my greatest moments, what would they be?

    So here are a few:

  • All alone holding Nicholas in the middle of the night, the night he was born listening to his little grunts and breathing and feeling his little bundled body in my arms.

  • Cuddling my Tadpole and watching him disgruntled to get his very first “bath” from the nurse at midnight, when his body temperature had finally climbed enough to allow it.

  • Leading both my Nicholas and Tadpole through the prayer to accept Jesus into their heart in our minivan.

  • Watching my Nicholas be baptized in a backyard swimming pool, small enough and timid enough, that our pastor held him in his arms and bent down to dip him under.

  • The three of us sitting on a hotel bed in Ji Nan China waiting for a knock on our room door indicating the arrival of our little Mary.

  • Watching a beautiful China princess with wild pony tails sassy walk into my room and into our lives.

  • The night I lay in Mary’s bed and made up her song for her and sang it from my heart.

I know my life will hold more greatest moments in the future, but those are my greatest hits to date. What are yours?

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