Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love Big

I am just overflowing with ooey gooey lovey-ness for my kids right now. I read something on Beth's blog and one line in particular just summed it up good!

"Some things are meant to be felt. Love big."

Isn't that the truth? God did not make us spiritual giants with no emotions....on the contrary sometimes I feel likeI have GIANT emotions and try to figure how it works with my spirit.

But God made us this way. With the desire for passion and emotion. to LOVE BIG.

Somedays I just feel this love for my kids that is more than I think I can handle. My heart will ache and grow big inside me, my eyes will get full and I just feel like I have to hug something! If they are in the room, I will walk over and tossle ones hair, kiss a neck and caress a check. They will look up at me and say "What mom?" And I will say, "Nothing. I just love you." And they will get the biggest grin and say: "I love you too". Nicky will get all soft and usually give me a big hug. Tadpole will get mushy shy, and scrunch up his shoulders and tip his head to the side. Mary will jump up and down and squeal.

It feels good to love big...and it feels good to be loved big. (If only we had the eyes to see how many times during the day God tossles our hair, nuzzles our neck or caresses our cheek, we would be all scrunchy mushy too.)

I remember in the movie, I think I quoted it before on my old blog, Martin's Room, or is it Marvel's room? with Diane Keaton and Leo Decaprio. There is a line in it where the character who plays Diane Keaton's sister is admitting that Diane Keaton living with her parents is probably a good thing for her, being loved so much by someone. And Diane Keaton responds that she has it wrong, it is not the being loved by someone, it is the getting to love someone.

Ah yes. I get that. How satisfying that is. God loves on me and I get to love someone. Three someones.... four?

Love Big!

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