Monday, February 18, 2008

Mom is cool...

My mom is cool. Cool, such an inadequate word. Cool for me regarding my mom means she is authentic, and loving and giving and fun to hang out with and great to talk to and encouraging and in love with Jesus, and trusting Him in a real way. All this, and she is MY mom. How lucky did I get?

Today mom and I got to do a FUN thing. We got to drive to two different Home Depot's (with a Sonic Drivethru in the middle) to get baskets for closet organizers. That is fun??!! might ask? Yes it is. It has been quite a while since mom and I were captive audi4nces to each other for an extended period of time, so we could just chat it up. All of it. Talk it thru and then talk a little deeper. I love that. I love that about her. And I need that.

I guess I will get us to run more errands for papa in the future! :) Kind of like a mini-pilgrimage!

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