Sunday, March 02, 2008

Awaiting the King...

I awoke this morning, seeing the sunshine, thinking about this day, and seeking the purpose God would have in it. I had seen The Other Boleyn Girl last night...and was feeling impressed by the confusion and purposes of man. This is what I wrote:
How at times I cannot see the kingdom work. We each spend a lifetime to get to know you even a humble ourselves and surrender to you-- and then we are gone and it starts allover with the next generation and so much in this world is frivolous living and dying...or blatant sinning, evil and dying...or much suffering in living and then dying.
I do believe in the life to come and your kingdom reign-What are you waiting on? What needs to be achieved?
Like captives in the enemies citadel, we await the hoof beats of our rescuer. We encourage each other-"do not give up, He is coming, He IS coming" We help those in need, we teach our young of our coming King that will rescue us, if only we believe and do not give up hope. No we have never seen him, or have our fathers, or our father's fathers..yet, we believe He is coming. See here is his letter..and if you still yourselves in the quiet, you can sense His presence..feel His spirit that He gives you when you choose to believe-and somehow he can hear our words and thoughts--- Yes we tell our children, we encourage each other.
We try to convince others to join our side -- this remnant who believe and wait.
So many have stopped believing and gone over to the "camp" of our captors - reveling as they, focused on the moment, on making a way for themselves, in this prison citadel...and some even worse, even worse.... I fear too, there are some among us that say they believe, say they are waiting for the coming King, but their hearts are not in it...they secretly question or some even just pretend...since this is all they know....they go through the motions---
I have seen -- in the eastern part of the city - some who have so changed the message, snatching a line here or there from your letters, and believing so in altered folklore or other writings that do not stand up against what you have written..that it does not even sound like you they are believing in..that even say that you are not coming to get us, that you will not rescue us. And Lord, some, I think, are spies..or fed on the lies of spies..and are trying to turn our hearts and minds from our faithfulness to you in subtle ways, for their own purposes.
O Lord, how long? How long? What are you waiting for?
I know the servant does not question the King commander -- I trust your plan and timing...
Strengthen our hearts in the wait, shore up our resolve, point our efforts in the direction you would have us to take, light our hearts of passion and belief again with a new flame burning strong--Make our children stouthearted! kind as doves and as wise as a fox to detect the tricks of our enemy.
Stir us up Lord.
Burn in us.
Fuel our hope.
Reinforce our faith.
Protect your remnant, often stumbling in a stupor of confusion.. clear our hearts and minds from the toxic anaesthesia our enemy would supply us with.
Let us be raw and aware, for you..., loving, desperate to save and persevere.
Protect what is yours, what you hold precious, your treasured possession.
Save us, for we are yours.

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