Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Nick-ism

Last night I took the kids to half-price movies, in the mall. (The Bee) After the movie, we strolled down to the food court for Chinese food. When we strolled by Victoria Secrets...all eyes had to avert left
( Nick says, "Keep your eyes from evil, keep your eyes from evil"...Now I am not saying that young ladies are evil, what I am saying is that young ladies, clad in extremely skimpy underware, provoctively poised, in a 8 ft poster, plastered in the front window, for all little boys and men to goggle at, to SELL UNDERWARE is evil. Yep. It is. If we won't protect our men, and make it easier for them to resist tempation, let's at least do it for our young boys...the mall should not be an R rated experience. My soap box)
Whew! ok, sorry, anyway....after dinner, we had to stroll back by the offending VS to get to our car, and as the kids averted eyes right this time....
Nick said. WHy do they do that??!! Why do people put things like that in the mall, so kids can see it??!!
And I said, well to sell underware..
"But why like that!!?" he asks.
"Well, I guess they think it is pretty underware and ladies will look at it and think, Wow, if I buy that I will look like her."
And Nick says, "Don't they realize to be pretty all they need to do is have Christian ways and wear a little makeup?" LOL!!!
I LOVE it! A man after my own heart. Cracked me up, he added the make-up. Taddy had to add, "Make-up and a cup of coffee."
Don't my little men know their mommy well, and they are young enough to think I am pretty! :)
(And this is my second day in a row, NOT wearing make-up! Just been busy and did not want to take the time. Am I being un-Christian or un-pretty? LOL! I am going to go get my coffee though, so that will make up for it? Makeup thing, I have this theory about running into Mr. Right without makeup on...but I will have to save that for another day, Starbucks is calling.)

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