Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dillons Beach....the long way...

Spring Break Day 5
... a day at the beach and the only one missing...was Olivia...
I took the kids to Dillons Beach. I love the last part of the journey through farm land. We saw mommy and baby lambs, cows and their calves, lamas, shetland ponies, barns and farm housees. And being so close, I took a wrong turn in Petaluma...and got all mixed up adding an hour to our journey. Yet, we finally made it.
It was pretty windy, but very sunny and we still had a great time. Tadpole found an awesome large shell wading in the waves, we built tunnels and holes, ate snacks. The boys played survivors and warriors, as Mary napped under a blanket, then we all went exploring and leaving our mark on the world through "sandwriting". We stayed until sunset, then wet, sandy, tired and happy we hit the road for home.
During the drive home, the sun set and we saw the full moon reflecting over the water of the inlet area by San Rafael. It was awesome. I had to stop and take a picture, digital camera was broken. A dissapointment with the camera, but still a beautiful picture painted by the hand of God.
Home at 10 pm...we all hit the sack and slept well. A great ending to day 5. I love God's handiwork at the ocean and seem to never get too much of it.

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