Thursday, March 20, 2008

Presentations and Pajamas...

Ok, What do these truly have in common? Well, Spring Break Day 3, that is what. I had a work presentation I had to give yesterday am to my boss's boss's boss and peers in a staff meeting at 6 AM!! Gulp. It was going to be on the phone, using my laptop and sharing a PowerPoint, but My kids of course would still be home and my puppy, all sleeping? One would hope. So the night before, I kept having bad dreams about the presentation. That I overslept until 6:46 am and dialed in late, or another that my kids burst into the room, with dog barking, in the middle...and yet again, that I forgot about it all together. Needless to say, between these fretful dreams and checking the clock every couple hours (even though the alarm was set) I did not get much rest.

The night before, I had coached the kids, if they heard any noise in the early morning, that I had a phone meeting REALLY early and not to come into the room.

Well, I woke in time, but was still nervous about my kids interrupting, so..grin....I took my laptop and wireless phone into the walk-in closet off the bathroom of my master bedroom and sat on the closet floor, IN MY JAMMIES, headset, laptop..and made a presentation to mgrs around the! And it went AWESOME! Great questions and interaction and I sounded half-way intelligent and they had no clue their speaker was flanneled-snowflake clad!

When I finished, relieved and feeling good, and wandered out to check on the kids, all three of my sweeties and the puppy, were piled on the boys bed, talking and reading books, just waiting for me to be done! How precious is that?

So Day 3 spring break started well, and finished with doing shopping for the Easter Bunny, and all watching a new movie on DVD - Enchanted. We all loved it and go around singing, humming our own version of "How do you let her know you love her?"

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