Thursday, March 13, 2008

This, or it could be that, or there is this other thing....

Oh oh, where do I start...I have had so much milling around in this ol' head of mine the past few days, that I could write on lots and lots and lots of things....and who knows, I may.

I first want to say, how awesome that Christians who have experienced a truth from God, take the time to pen those of us who come after, or along side, can benefit from their experience. How awesome.

So the current book that is rocking my boat, or more accurately, calming my boat down, is a wonderful little tome written in 1869. Can you believe it? Me either. It is by Elizabeth Prentiss and it is called Stepping Heavenward. Ladies, you could love it. I say "could" because different things appeal to different people. But this book is just speaking all over to me.

It is a novel, of sorts, but has so much truth and insight woven in, you forget it is a novel. It is a diary or journal of a young Christian, Katy, starting with her 15th birthday and following her through adulthood, marriage, children, deaths...and her life in God.

So many things are speaking to me in this book, but the biggest summary is that she is just like me. Struggles with her self, battling with wanting to do right and wanting to do what she wants to do. oh not that me. Over the next few days, I will share little nuggets I have gleaned from it, but I must say to all, give it a chance. It is awesome.

And here is something even more cool, look the book up on, and you can purchase it used for 1 penny. Yep! You read that right, 1 penny! (plus shipping, so maybe $3 max). I am ordering a few extra copies.


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