Thursday, March 13, 2008


An ugly title, I am sorry. It is an ugly word. And an ugly act. But I had to share I am sorry for any shock value contained within.

Have you ever tried to explain to an innocent child ( age 7-9) what the word abortion means? As the very words come out of my mouth, I am struck fresh with the atrocity of it.
The coversation: (Deep in the middle of a political discusion with a 7 and 9 yr old, and discussion the different platforms, aka, values of the presidential candidates, abortion rights came up a couple time.)

Tad: What is abortion?
Mom: (gulp). It is an awful law that says someone has the right to kill a baby while it is still in its mommy's tummy.
Nick: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!!!
Mom: (double gulp). I know, it is horrible, it is a law here in the US that gives mother's the right to kill the baby that is in their tummy.
Thinking I should not have said anything.
Nick: WHERE!!????
Mom: Here, in this country.
Nick: NO!!!!
Mom: It is very sad, but that is the truth.
Nick: WHY??!! Why would they do that?
Mom: (there was nothing I could say.)
Tad: (In a very sad voice) Poor babies.
Nick: MOM! Why did you tell me that???!!! Next time I ask you a question and the answer is something like that, Don't tell me!!! Just tell me it is something really really bad.
Mom: Ok. I am sorry.
After some silence....
Nick: Mom, we have two California congressmen, don't we?
Mom: I think so, yes.
Nick: What do they do?
Mom: Well, they go to Washington and respresent California's interests in making and passing laws.
Nick: Can we find out there names? I want to write them and tell them to not approve abortion. If I do, do you think they won't talk about the details to me?
Mom: Yes. I think you could write them and ask them and they would not talk about details to you. I will look up their names and addresses today.
Nick: Thanks. Mom, would pray for me, that I would get this out of my mind.
Mom: Yes.... (we pray)
Tad: Poor babies.
Pulling into the parking lot at school, Nick gets out of the car and turns. "Mom, pray again, it is really bothering me." I pray.
I am sorry that I told him more than his sensitive nature can take. And yet, his reaction, and Taddy's, as well as just hearing the words come from my mouth, hit me again. He was so shocked that his country, the United States, could condone such and act and make it LEGAL!!!
How desensitized we get, little froggies in the boiling water, to the atrocities around us.
Wanna write a letter? Here's our rep:

The Honorable Daniel E. Lungren 2448 Rayburn Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-5716

And our senators:

Boxer, Barbara- (D - CA)

Feinstein, Dianne- (D - CA)

And pray.....

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chron 7:14

It takes a humbling of self, and what we think will "work", to pray about issues and the conditions in our country that we feel are hopeless. The tide against God's ways seems so high and so wide and so overwhelming, that we think, "It will not change. We cannot make a difference." That is pride that WE THINK WE KNOW what will work and what won't. God says to humble ourselves, put away our understanding or thoughts that we know what will work..and pray, seek His face.
Turn from our wicked ways. What wicked ways? Notice He is talking here to HIS PEOPLE. He is not talking to the unbelievers, to those around us that do not believe in God, He is talking to HIS PEOPLE. So what wicked ways? We are not aborting babies, (I hope). We are not ________. (fill in the blank.) What wicked ways?

The wicked way of not seeking God, of not praying, of not trusting in Him, of not caring about what He cares about, of not believing God, but seeking our way. (We say we believe in God, but we want to live our comfy little life our own way....if we believe God, we believe His ways, which are not our ways.)

So, if we pray, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways...he will forgive us and in return heal our land. He does not say every inhabitant of the land has to pray, seek, turn,...only His people. Do you see what we hold in our hands?

The life of millions of babies. Nick and I will pray over our letters, as we write them, and send them. Will you?

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