Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Be Silly....

Put a smile on your face! One of the many blessing of children is the full-fledged right, no, not just right, but requirement to be silly.
So are daring enough to be silly alone...without a pint-size excuse?
A few nights ago all four of us were having fun playing tea-party with Mary's tea set.
..sidebar: it was after work, Wednesday, and when Nick came into the kitchen and said, mom do you have some work to do or could you play tea party with us? and I responded, "sure, I'll play" he was beside himself with joy, shouting to the other two, Mom is going to play with us, mom is going to play with us!!!!" Bittersweet....I guess I need to do it more often.
We then began a two hour tea party, in which we spoke with British accents, remarked upon the behaviours of one Princess Qing Qing, Mr. Tadpole and Sir Nicholas, using words such as forthwith, hence forth and indubitably. Such fun, quiet quiet. No word was spoken about watching a video or playing a computer game. :)
The next morning, on the way to school, with the remnants of our last night Earl Gray adventures drifting through our minds, we decided to continue our British accents all the way to school. Much fun.
Silly part....once I dropped off all the kids to their classrooms, I had my normal Starbucks drive through and decided, all alone in the car, to order my beverage in character, fake accent and all., Vintay -Fore pump, shuger-free vaunillah naun-faut lottay, pleeze. :) I had to repeat it twice, with out cracking up laughing, and then at the window had to ask for a shoort straw pleeze....and smile.
Oh what giggle I got as I drove off. Fun to be silly.

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