Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have been quiet. So much going on...transition...so many many, did I say, many thoughts in my head.... No way I can write even one of them with any justice. But, I want to share a snippet of something I read today...that was a reminder to me:

(From Beth's Blog):

"In my own quiet time this morning out on my back porch, God spoke to me about getting the "full measure" (those are the two words I kept hearing in my spirit) of God out of every trial or season. In other words, if I have to be in it, I want every drop of God I can get out of it. Milk that thang, Girls. Milk that thang. He didn't allow you to be in that situation for nothing. "

Yes Lord, I hear it. I am not in this for nothing. I want to get all of you I can through this! Amen!

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