Saturday, May 10, 2008


Disconnect disconnect disconnect disconnect disconnect....

Do you think there is anyone in the world that does not know some one, or any one..I mean ..totally alone? Dumb question, I guess I doubt it. But do you think there is anyone in the world that does not know anyone beyond a shallow level? I might guess there are lots.


I feel like sometimes we live our lives in this shallow habit of being disconnected,

Wow..I just figured something out. This is not the way it is suppose to be. (Ok, laugh, duh?) But it is our brokenness that has left us disconnected. So disconnected it not the way God intended.

Yet, when you find yourself a Mephibosheth, crippled, and broken, not as intended, you still hobble along. Your brokenness making you disconnected.

So what do you do then?

You trust God. You realize, yep, this isn't the intended story of our life, but it is the reality, so..Trust God. Trust God...Trust God. He alone can make up for the brokenness in this world. He alone can make up for the diconnectedness (A new word).

And it may just take a big enough chunk of trust to make you just connected to Him. He may not bring those into your life that are willing to be connected. He may plan for you to trust Him SO much, that your connectin to Him is enough. That you would trust Him so much, you would rest in THAT connectedness, and even give to others...connect with others, whether they can, or are willing, to connect back or not.

THAT is the only way to live with the disconnectedness in this world.

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