Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dorothy ain't the only one afraid of pigs....

Isn't this picture a hoot? It made me think of the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy falls in the pigpen, and both she and the farmhand appear scared to death. That part of the movie always seemed so odd to me. I could not figure out why they were so scared of pigs? I guess they can get pretty big, and dirty and maybe agressive. I don't know.

So I have been a little down lately. I think physically tired from moving my household and overwhelmed with work and home organization, end of school, the list goes on....

Also, I have been really down since I heard about the Chapman Family's little Maria. Afraid, really. Like the line in the Narnia movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, where Aslan (God) is described as not being "safe", but being good.

Good but not safe, can be scary. We want both. Yet God's perspective and long-range view, is safe and good, but being long-range, the short-range view, can be scary.

As I was reflecting on this last night, I wrote down my three fears. In my mind, there were only three that really eat at me. All the rest that pop-up, can be taken in tow, but these three are my biggest "pigs". Dirty, big and possibly aggressive, at least in my mind. They are:

  • Fear that I could lose my job and not be able to support my family
  • Fear that I could die before my children are all grown, and I would not be able to care for them.
  • Fear that one or any of my children could turn their back on God.

Those are it. My biggies....all else is straw to be trodden. But THOSE! BIG!

And I realized, I do not control ANY of those, cannot do a thing about them. They are ALL in God's control. So I can trust in the Lord, pray the powerful effective prayer and BELIEVE GOD and His word.

I CHOOSE to. He loves with an everlasting love, and an eternal point of view. His perfect view and love casts out my fears. So, surrendered to His will, praying His will be done, if ANY of my fears happen, I know it is within His plan and His power can overcome it.

As I wrote out verse after verse last night, of trusting in God no matter what, I felt His peace return and my heart lift. Then today, I read the most precious email describing Maria Champman's memorial service. It was truly awesome and a testimony to our God. If I can get permission to share it, I will post it here.

Out God is good, He is powerful and wise and knows far beyond our understanding. His ways are far above our ways. I trust Him.

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