Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dancing Trees and the last day...

It has been windy lately. Today, when I was driving Mary home from preschool, and playing my new Brandon Heath CD, she said, "Look Mom, the trees are dancing!" And sure enough, they were in tune with the music. :)

So we have come to the last day.

Today is the last day of school for the boys; a half day full of rollerskating, hugs and have a fun summer. Nick's 4th grade teacher said the most touching thing. She is leaving the school and not teaching next year, So I know it is emotional for her and for the kids. Since she is a christian, as are the students, I stood in back of the room and her he tell the class. "And remember, when you get there" ('there' being heaven) "we'll all meet by the fourth gate." I almost cried. What a blessing and comfort we have, when parting....if we are both believers, we WILL meet again. And oh, what stories we will tell. It made me think of Maria Chapman, whose family is missing her so much now, I am sure they feel they cannot stand it. ... that they will all meet again, and what she will be able to tell her parents of the wonders she has already seen!

Today is another last. The last day/night in this home that has been our haven for the past 5 years. We moved in March 2003, then just three of us, so far from healed, and yet full of hope and excitement. And what an awesome 5 years we have had here. God has blessed us so. Loved us so. Grown us so. Abba you are to be praised.

And now, our last night, the kids are camping out in the living room, in honor of the occasion, with blankies, pillows and movie-time. A fitting ending to our time in this home. I think we have all already moved on, emotional, to our new home. Just need the furniture and boxes to catch up with us. But this home will always hold a sweet spot, for our journey with God in it, and for Mary Beth joining our family in it. Her first home with us.

So tomorrow is moving day........whew! and starts the first day of something new, and our new house. The one where Olivia will join us!

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