Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WAF Band, Happy Voices and other Meanderings...

It is 6:40 pm, and I am so tired, I could go to bed right now and sleep until morning. Oh, the exciting life of a single mommy! :)
Tadpole just told me, as my feet were prompt up on the foot of the couch, "your feetzies are dirty, mommy!" and Nickerbocker added, as he tickled the bottom of my feet, "Let's see if THIS will clean them!" Lol! Hope I did not gross you out, just walking around barefoot.
Soooo, so much to update.
WAF Band: For my birthday, someone gave me a two cd seat of the newest WOW Christian top 30 hits. We have been listening to it on the drive to school each morning. Well, we have started our own family worship band in the car. Nick on vocals, Tadpole on drums, Mary on tamborine, and mommy as the sound man and back-up singer. We decided to call ourselves the WAF Band. "We Are Family" Band. :) Keep on eye out for us.
Happy Voices: I can hear happy voices right now. Tadpole is playing with Mary in his room, while Nick is on the computer. When Taddy is in a good mood, like now, he uses this gentle, sweet, high-pitched voice when he talks to Mary. And they just chat and play and have a good time. It is precious. I hope when we bring Olivia in the family, that Tadpole and Mary will still find their play time. I know it will change the dynamics of the family.
Other stuff: I got a lot accomplished today, lined up movers to deliver a bedroom set I bought for the au pair's room, lined up movers for our big move, ordered all Nick's birthday party stuff (Kung-Fu Panda Party), paid all the bills, got my presentations done at work, and it just felt like a progress day. Oh, and lined up our next Bible Study at church. We are doing Priscilla Shirer's Can We Talk.....
We are currently finishing up Beth Moore's Bible Study on the Patriarchs. Awesome, Awesome study. A must....for EVERYONE!! This morning I woke up at 5 am and could not go back to sleep for that last hour. ..(no wonder I am sleepy now.)...and I decided to do the first days homework for this week. It was about Jacob, aka Israel setting our for Egypt with all his family and possession and God telling him that He would go with him. It really spoke to me, as I am packing up all my posessions and my little ones, and moving from the house we have lived in for the past five plus years, and moving. It feels strange. But I know God is going with us. And evening adding extra blessings.
I was concerned because Angela, the young lady who will be joining our family as an au pair, cannot make it until mid-July due to paperwork Visa processing time. Without even waiting a day, God brought an interim answer for us in Jessica, a sweet young lady who use to babysit the boys and even accompanied us on a Disneyland vacation one year. Now isn't that awesome??!! I thank God for the answer,before I could truly make the request!
So I get the keys to the other house tomorrow, but do not move fully until the following weekend...(I say with hardly a box packed!! EEEK!)
Tomorrow, Nick is getting a special award at school He does not know about it yet. His teacher called me and told me about how blessed and talented Nick is and that he has a heart for God, she said a heart like David. What a blessing. I can't wait to see his face tomorrow.
We had fun this past weekend at my brother Ken's. He put in a new pool, and we all went up there (including mom and dad) for an early Mother's Day. The kids played and splashed for hours. It was a good day.
Mom and dad have been helping me so much around the house. I don't know what I would do without them. What a blessing they are. Plus, they just plain love us! :) And we just flat out love them. It is such a blessing to do Bible Study with my mom. God is truly good to us.
So that is some of the catch up news with us. God is good, and we are blessed.

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