Thursday, June 05, 2008

A little intense but true...

Our God and King Jesus is so noble, loyal, loving and never gives up on us. Today, when I was driving, I heard a song on The FISH, a Christian radio station. And the song was about Jesus is coming back for us..He has not left us, He will return. And it made me think of the movie, Last of the Mohicans...where Daniel Dey Lewis tells his love, as she is to be taken away, that she is not to lose heart, that he will come get her, he will find her.

That is our Jesus. Sometimes we feel lost in this world, on our own, in enemy territory, struggling to find hope, but our Jesus WILL find us..and He will come get us.

I also was thinking, not just in the future, but most assuredly then, but also NOW. Being Spirit, as well as body, He will find us NOW...He will meet with us NOW. He will rescue us from captivity Now.

I have always loved this movie, in spite of the violence, (rescues can be violent and our enemies plans for us ARE violent.) The scene when Daniel is seeking her out in the hospital and they eyes meet...floors me. I have always desired to me sought out like that. And I have come to realize, my Jesus seeks me out like that. So often He is trying to catch my eye, and I am too busy, out of tune, not seeing...How said He must feel. Yet, He still keeps seeking me out.

Enjoy. He will find us!

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Beverly said...

very good point. He will come again!