Friday, June 27, 2008

Snippets from the week...

Look, another week has come and gone...So much life lived this week, but I do not have the time at 11 pm at night, to write it all. So bullet point highlights:

  • Thank you Papa, the ceiling fan feels SOOOOOOO good. I am sorry it was so hard. I love you!

Poor Bella, shaved and spaded and chipped, all in two days. Her life turned upside down and she has no clue. Pray for her speedy recovery.

The boys, a dancing generation...praising God. A week of Arts Camp and praise worship every morning, soak it in to their bones Lord.

Smoggy air, muggy days. Thank you again, Papa for the fan installation!

Less boxes sitting around, more items in their place.

Starwars and Carribean Pirates all the the same week. Now their sticks can be light sabers or bucaneer swords...take your pick.

Mary, little Mary. This week I would have to say, Mary mary quite contrary....and yet we love you so. It takes longer, when you have to mother around the edges, in the seams. Yet, maybe it would be the same, even if I mothered 24/7.

Homestudy done at last...another blog covers that.

June almost gone...(guess whose wedding anniversary is next Monday? Momma, Papa!)

Work going well, project I love, and less desireable tasks accomplished and almost behind me.

Two people shared with me how much they feel Nick has a special calling from God, has God's annointing, God has plans for him. Amen, Lord. I receive it....and I say all my children. Each in the way you designed them, you have a plan for them. Bring it to fruition.

It is funny, in Nick I see myself. One moment he is praising God, writing a worship song, hugging his family, doing acts of kindness without being asked, and then in a turn he is arguing in anger, being disrespectful and snotty to his brother and sister.

Is that not all of us, if we would admit it? The battle of spirit and flesh? Of God and self? I rejoice in the spiritual steps I see Nick make and I fret over the tangled sin struggles. Yet, none of it phases God. He sees both. Knew of both. Planned for both, and even uses both, as he refines and makes something new of the flawed clay.

And that too is me. Passionate for God and struggling with self and sin. The life battle. Let none of us pretend it is not there. That we have obtained perfection.

As long as we are in these bodies, we have a rash on our soul, that only the oinment of the Word of God and the Spirit can remedy.

Pour it on Lord, Pour it on. Hold us still long enough, to pour it on.

Mom and dad. We love you tons. You work too hard for me. I am sorry. You are loved much.

Little ones, God's blessings to me, joy and much prayer, my little refining fires, you warm my life. I love you. But greater still, God loves you. You are His.

Lord, Abba, Jesus, Savior, Spirit, comfort and helper. Where would I be without you? Life would be dismal. Forgive me. Be strong in my weakness. Be miraculous in my failings. Be life in my weariness. Be Joy in my mundane.

Bella, be well, soon.

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