Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joyous Moments....a song shared as moonset..

A few weeks ago, maybe a month or so now, my mom gave me this great article about joyous moments. and savoring them. After reading, I was inspired. And took time to think through the moments of joy during the day.... It was suprizing how many they are, if you put your mind in the frame and think about it. The inspiration only stayed with me a day or two though...until busyness and moving and finishing out the school year, and arranging for summer, and....... etc etc etc ..stole my mind away.

Today, I had a big enough one, that it made it's way through the static to be recognized.

Nicholas has gone to four days of Ranger camp. He had to leave at 5:10 am this morning. I thought I was going to have to wake all the kids and pile them in the car to drive Nick to the church to catch his ride, but a dear friend called me last night and offered to pick him up. Hallelujah.

At 4:45 this am, I was awakened by my little man, standing beside my bed, fully dressed, asking me what time it was. :) Ready to go.

So at 5:00 am, we piled all his stuff out on the front porch, and sat together outside on a little bench I have in the front yard. The weather was cool, he had on his hoodie, and I was wrapped in a throw blanket. The air was cool. The neighborhood empty. Quiet. A couple early birds starting to sing. A neighbor cat starting his morning stalking, (or finishing his night's carousing.) We noticed the stars still in the sky and a fullmoon over the rooftop of the neighbors house. As we sat and waited, we were on ready, knowing the sprinklers would come on at any time, and we may have to high-tail it out of the water's way.

We sat side by side. Content. Close. I started to sing a line from a hymn.....

"My Jesus, I love thee, I know thou are mine..." And my dear sweet Nicholas joined in.
"For thee all the follies of sin I resign,
My blessed redeemer, my savior, art thou,
If ever I loved thee, my Jesus tis now.

I love thee because thou has first loved me
And purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree
My blessed redeemer, my savior are thou
If ever I loved thee, my Jesus tis now."

I don't know if we had the words right, but no song was ever sweeter, as the moon was setting over the neighbors roof, then to hear my 10 year old son singing this hymn with me.

Awesome. Joyous. Thank you Lord. He then shared with me a song that he had written, I cannot remember the words, but it was about Jesus, and needing help, and no one hearing his yelp in the middle of the storm. But regardless, he still was calling on Jesus. It was an awesome song.

How blessed am I? That the heart of my son is drawn to God so much that he would enjoy a before dawn hymn with his mom, and that he writes his own worship songs to God.

No greater joy...

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