Tuesday, July 08, 2008

...and one day they'll be grown.

The Season to Play (by me)

lego warriors
pj tops
ragged shoes left....where?
pink flip flops
gold fish spilled
puppy ate it...who cares?

books and cars
stuffed animal wars
colored drawings of dragon toes
where's my ball
under the couch
it's not there, I know

Don't clean up
it looks just fine
to us they always say
put down that broom
no need to mop
come on, come here and play

cereal bowls
lucky charms
floating with fruit loops
holes in socks
no matching tops
is that puppy poop?

Sunday funnies
read and laugh
let's read them once again
wrestling til
we all get mad
then laugh, and start again

Don't clean up
it looks just fine
to us they always say
put down that broom
no need to mop
come on, come here and play

Read a book
sing a song
dance to a funny drum beat
hotdogs are good
mac n cheese
no fancy food we'll eat

bedtime stories
five more minutes
don't forget to tuck us in
nightie night sleep tight
sweet dreams and prayers
tomorrow we'll do it again

Don't clean up
it looks just fine
just rest and savor the day
no need to sweep
no need to mop
this is the season to play

* * * * * * * *
..."how many days pass in semi-unawareness -- a kind of busy oblivion...I'm reinspired to value both the mundane and the magical moments. Some days are crowded with details, and others with sweet hours of peace and beauty, but whatevery they hold, I don't want to miss a thing." Grant, Amy; (2007) Mosaic, Pieces of My Life So Far.

I read Amy's words at lunch, and they resonated in my soul. My house full of my beloved children, and all that comes with that..and I get caught up, at times, in the crowded details, in busy oblivion. These little lively miracles are dancing and sparkling all around me, and I am focusing on corralling the chaos, rather than reveling in the life. ...and one day, they'll be grown. WIth lives of their own, homes of their own, children of their own. (Inspired by a cartoon in the Sunday funnies, I told Nick he needs to make me a coupon for a gift that says I get to live with him when he is grown. I will save it and redeem it in about 15 years or so.)

Last night, my funny boys put on their pjs, stuffed them full of other pjs, wrapped blankets around their pj-bustled bottoms, and sang, "put on your Sunday clothes and...." can't remember the words...from Hello Dolly. Cracked me up. Seeing they got my attention, for the next 45 minutes, they dressed in various configuration of over-stuffed jammies and did antics for their momma. :) Funny boys.

Savoring their liveliness and silliness.... one day they'll be grown.

"Life is a messy miracle." (from the movie "Swamp Thing.")

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Debbie said...

I love the poem and you are so right, we overlook so many times we can play with our little ones!!