Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been so busy, I have not had time to write. God is good and faithful, ever lovin g to us. Mary had her fifth birthday, a tinkerbell party (although we sometimes call Mary "Stinkerbell" :) I will post photos soon.

She got what she wanted: a sword, a flashlight, a baseball mitt and a fan that squirts water! My little princess. :) She has now moved her sights onto a big girl bike she wants at Walmart, pink. She learned to ride Anthony's bike, with training wheels in one day, to prove she is ready! Guess Santa may be bringing a bike this year!

We have less than a month until school starts! Yea....we still have a week at the beach to look forward to the week before school, but I LOVE fall, and even though it is not fall at the end of August, going back to school makes it FEEL like it is fall in the air...

Well, I am off in a dash..more later.
PS> Taddy took the training wheels off his bike to day...saw Nick doing dirt bike "extreme" and it totally motivated him. Mary wanted to know why she could not go with her trike.
Been off for 4 days from work, plus two days of the weekend. I go back tomorrow....ughithus@! :) It is time though. :)

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