Thursday, July 24, 2008

Get out the Hankies...

Ok, so... after you check to see if you have shaved your legs...:) read on.

Be honest...did you get teary eyed over this video clip!? My cousin Rhonda sent it to me, and sure enough, I did. I noticed the male newscaster said it was "disturbing" that the female newscaster was crying.

But I was too.

Why is that? (And why would it be disturbing?)

I was thinking, our souls are made for connection, for significant and recognition. Someone that gives a darn whether we exist or not and is happy to see us.

I mentioned I was reading the book The Shack...(you HAVE to go read it) thing in it that hit me was relationship of expectancy vs expectation.

With expectation, we have these ideas of what the other person (or creature) in the relationship should do, how they should react to us..etc.

Expectancy is more a living verb. We enjoy them, love them, and connect with them with expectancy...what will happen, what will be our interaction and then just see what happens, letting it be living and fresh and real, rather than some rules in our head of what should be.

This applies to our relationship with each other (humans, or furry) as well as our relationship with God.

When I EXPECT God to perform according to my ideas and preferences, I am often confused or dissappointed. But if my relationship with God is one of expectancy...of discovering who He is and just enjoying my time with Him...then a have a living relationship that bring joy, surprizes, comfort, love....belonging.

So go ahead and enjoy the video...and have no shame for tears, or laughs,

Think of our Lion of Judah greeting us in heaven this awesome.

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