Thursday, July 24, 2008

A well travelled road...

I read a verse today, on someone else's blog that I know I must have read before, but it hit me today...and I do not remember ever reading it before.

This is is Psalm 84:5

How blessed all those in whom you live,
Whose lives become roads you travel.

Isn't that awesome. I want my life to be a road well travelled by God. That his footprints and presence is all of it.

Is all over my children's lives as well.

My heart is full this my adoption agency "family" many of the four families got awesome news this morning that they have passed court, and now their Ethiopian little ones are theirs. As I read blogs and experiences of many of these heart was just full. What God is doing...and what he does..through us. Through families...through children and through adoption.

Walk all over our liferoad Lord.

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