Thursday, August 28, 2008

And That's Entertainment?

It is interesting, the world of entertainment, from what we read, watch, listen to..even do.

A couple weeks ago, when we were at the beach, we got a peak of what is on television these days. Mostly it was a little channel hopping after the kids had watched SpongeBob or some equally mind-enlightening animation...

I have been "away" far longer than I thought. I knew there was a reason why I had felt the tug to turn off commericial and cable television at our home a few years ago. But after being away awhile, I start to imagine, "Was it really that bad? It seems like a lot of other folks are watching it all, and surviving fine. Am I just being over-sensitive?"
But after my week of a peak, my resolve is stronger.

Yes, there are some good and even enjoyable programs out there, but there is so much other junk surrounding them, and poked in the cracks of commericials, previews, or whats up next, that the exposure just did not feel worth the good. So we will continue to pick and choose are dvds and be clueless regarding half the jokes and one-liners that go over our heads, because we have not "seen the show."

So what are we watching these days?

Well the last three big hitters in our home have been: Nanny McPhee, Nims Island and Eragon. All have been out a while, but some times it takes us a bit to get to them. Eragon, especially, appealed to my little warriors, who then re-enact the battle scenes, good over evil. My personal new watch is Stargate Atlantis. I always was a fan of StarTrek, Battle Star Galactica (the original series), and Firefly... Although the last one hits the edge a bit much for my tastes. Since Season Four of Lost is not out yet, I was looking for something new. Stargate Altantis fit the bill.

It is interesting how much entertainment, in books, magazines, movies, can impact our thoughts, moods, dreams. (Tadpole told me he dreamed of Goofy throwing him into a fan and the toilet in my room attacking him. A cross between Mickey Mouse and Monster House?)

So...I found a site on that has a database of Christian movies, I thought I would share:

And also an upcoming movie, in the vein of Eragon, I think my kids will like...enjoy.

Pendragon - Sword of His Father

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