Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kindergarten without naps!

Now WHO ever thought THAT was a good idea? I know Kg is the transition into first grade, but the second day of school, went well AT SCHOOL, but as soon as we got home.....meltdown, picking on her brothers...demanding, bossy (for those of you who know her, I mean MORE THAN USUAL) and a fit all the way up the stairs when Angela decided she should take a little nap.

Now...10 minutes later...silence....

That nappy time is hard to pass up.

Wish I still had them...

We all need times of rest, huh? Even when we think we don't or wish we didn't.

I realized the other day, sometimes I push myself too hard, physically. (Ok, yea, and sometimes I don't! I am talking about the times I do!) Being a mommy of little children at my age is physically tiring at times. And I have to reign back and realize I just can't do all the things I think I want, or ought, or see other (younger, or two parent) mommies do. But what I find myself doing, is pushing pushing pushing my self to the edge of what I can handle, and then being exhausted and in pain for several days afterwards, rather than reigning it in a bit and being content (and physically ok) with less.

Life is not meant to be lived at the edge. God comes to give us rest. His yoke is easy. His burden is light. He does not put on all the shoulda's, ought to's and come on, look at thems...that we put on ourselves.

I can't take time for my own screaming fit...or a meltdown, my family needs me, depends on me, which means, I need to be wise, and reign it in....savor less, and enjoy the less more.

Angela is such a blessing to all of us. Level headed, calm, industrious, pitches in without being asked and is undaunted in the face of a meltdown. :) Thank you Lord.

Now, pray for Taddy, he has been a grouchy little bossy froggy lately. I think it is the hierarchy. Nick has bossed him, so he bosses Mary...who then in turn bosses EVERYBODY.

We are adjusting. To school, To new schedules and time commitments, to Angela.... We covet your prayers...this too will pass.

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