Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Thoughts that make you Soar

On the drive home from school, Nick was reading these cards called Kidstalk...which ask questions for the family to answer. One was on the ability to fly, like in Peter Pan. The question was, what happy thoughts would you think, to be able to fly:

  • Nick's answer: About his Winnie the Pooh, that he lost in China.

  • Tad's answer: That the whole world was made of chocolate.

  • My Answer: Small kittens and that my children were being kind to each other.

  • Mary's Answer: That she was a grown-up mommy kissing a daddy. (yes..from my 5 yr old!!!)

The follow-up question, where would you fly and what would you see:

  • Mary's answer, The ocean and she would see crocadiles wiggling in the water.

  • Taddy: The South Pole, and see penguins, polar bear and fish.

  • Nick's: To Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, to Beijing and see the Olympics, and to the North Pole and see Santa.

  • My answer: To the ocean and see dolphin and whales.

Pooh, at the Great Wall in China

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