Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why we be drinkin' where we KNOW it is stinkin?

We know, huh?
From experience, we know the fountains that appear sparkly, enticing, promises of refreshment and end up clogging our mind and muddying our spirit.

Yet, we go slurp there anyway, and then wonder why the edges of our soul get crunchy.

Sometimes they are not even BAD cisterns...just not intended to water our spirit and soul. Maybe they are intended to bathe in, (or potty in) or water the plans in, but WE DRINK IT UP, repeatedly, then are in dismay over the state of our soul. (Soul = emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, attitude)...wonder what is wrong.

All the time neglecting the living water that we KNOW gives life. Here is one of my bizarre excuses for skipping reading the word in the morning. "Well, I have not applied and lived out what I read yesterday, so I need to wait until I get that under control!" LOL!

It is water, drink it!

There is this TV drama, that I bought on DVD. It is interesting entertainment water...and I found myself going to it when I felt out of sorts, or ...whatever....rather than the word. And it just reels you in, little fishy on the hook.

So, with an "I know" sigh, I turn back to that which is life, living water, humbly begging pardon again, and drink. Deep.

Colossians 3 is where I am reading right now... "May the peace (wholeness, health, calm) which is Christ rule in your hearts..."

Yes, I want that, in my heart and home. So to be whole and healthy and at peace, I need to drink the water that gives life.

I was reading in a book last night that to bring change about in your family dynamics, you need to change yourself first. And I can see that. The only way I can sustain anytype of positive change is to be in the word and drink in God.

Am I thirsty?

The quenching is so simple, I often reject it.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hi Sandee! Thanks for stopping by today.

I've been feeling the drag of a "less than" well today. Here's the deal...

I hate politics. HATE. They are such a drain on my emotions. Still and yet, I allowed myself some tv viewing last night because I wanted to hear Sarah Palin. That was fine, but then today, I started listening to other news that continually questioned her motives, etc.

I became angry and frustrated, talking to myself inwardly and crafting clever come backs for her critics. Anyway, all this to say, I am quick to be sucked in by all sorts of media. That is why I make the hard choice to rarely watch tv or listen any longer to secular radio.

Others deal better with these "wells", but they trip me up...almost every time.

Thanks for your thoughts and for introducting yourself to me. I'd love to learn more about your life as mom to 3 beautiful children.