Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok this is too funny. I am crazy about the series Stargate Atlantis, (I have the seasons on dvd)...And I just admire the character Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. His sense of humor, integrity, compassion, bravery, choices. He is just the epitome of a hero. So I was thinking about that, about heros....and that Bonnie Rait song keeps coming into my head. Holding out for a hero..... silly, huh? I am too old to hold out for anything. (So I think) But seriously, also, at this point in life, I am too old to settle too, so holding out for a hero is what I am doing. Which means I will probably live the rest of my life alone.

But truly Jesus is my hero, my rescuer, my knight on a white horse. And I know there must be some imitators of Christ.

I was telling my mom, I don't see many heros today. . ...but then I was thinking I want to raise my sons and daughters in such a way ....that they will be heros and heroines...and hold out for one. That they have the right stuff inside...and right heart, and choices. And chose to be noble and brave and grand-hearted. And then, not settle themselves. Seems impossible. But with God all things are possible. I know there has to be some "hero" people out there, if even a remnant, and they must have some hero sons and daughters, who do not compromise and go for cheap thrills and dishonesty, etc. Have a strong heart. Integrity. Has to be some.

I think of all the good movies and stories, that have these noble heros...I think it is something deep in our heart that desires a hero and desires to be one. To choose the brave path.....even if the path means self-sacrifice. The verse that husbands love your wives, as Christ loves the church and gave himself for her. Now that is hero stuff!! Denying self for the care of others. Our deeper self longs for it, wants it. I think Satan steering out society tries to get everyone caught up with cheap thrills and junk and me first and pleasure, and thinking it is all too hard to be a hero and for what end....

But this span of 80 or so years is just a wet tear track on the face of eternity. Soon to be wiped away and forgotten with a greater awareness and reality. So yes, I want to be a hero, the hero of my own story...and I will hold out only for a hero...and I will raise heros...or try and pour out the prayers for God's work of the impossible, in this age of shallow compromise and settling.

So yea, others may think it cornie or hoakie, but if we admit, our hearts swell when we see someone acting bravely, noblely, even if it is a fictitious character. Deep calls unto deep. Something in us, recognized the shadow of the image of Christ, even if poorly protrayed.

Any way, I wanted to find a photo of John Sheppard, from Stargate Atlantis to post with this blog, and I found this video made on youtube with movie clips of him from the show set to a song.. Here's the funny part. Guess what song?

Yep....Hold out for a hero. Enjoy.


Yea...I may be wierd. but my heart is still young. :)

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Becca said...

Um huh. I see. So this is the infamous hero I've heard people speak of.... Hum.... (Hee!hee!)