Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attachment Disorders..

Now aren't those disturbing words. It is interesting, as I am starting to read, and to talk about my challenges with Mary, this has come up in several conversations. At first I wrote it off as the easy Folks here she is adopted and immediately jump to adoption as the root cause of the issues.

But, in one conversation someone asked me, does she do this..and this..and that...and pretty much discribed her behavior to a I need to focus on it. It also does not help that I was going through my own Post-adoption issues, the first year she was home. we are learning and planning on doing some back-tracking...and getting some ideas on what to do...things I can use for Olivia as well I am sure.

Two good books mentioned to I have the other I just ordered:

Post-Adoptoin Blues by Karen J. Foli and John R. Thompson (
and Coming to Grips with attachment by Katherine Leslie. (

There is always hope.

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Say It In Color said...

Sounds like you are a NORMAL own natural daughter went thru a time of dis?-attachment...for whatever(never could get to the bottom of it) reasons....usually a bigger deal to them than we realize...and sometimes you don't find out why until years later....for what it's worth....(I think the Lord led me to this a store last year...finally at age 62!) I went into this food place while waiting for someone in another store....I was very sick at the time....we began to share...and I focused on my illness....she said..."You know,speaking of prayer, I had a daughter with unbelieveable problems(preteen)who was beginning to make bad choices....and I couldn't lock her I began PRAISING and THANKING the Lord for her, even with all the problems....I just praised and thanked Him! With in a few months or more she began to completely turn around!!" She said it was amazing and that she has learned how to pray differently...much like Paul did in his circumstances. So I did the same with my illness and after six months it staightened out!...I got really scared and desperate and ended up on my face in the floor THANKING God for this illness!...Bizarre....but how He seems to use those difficult times to grow US. You sound like a wonderful MOM and what a way to serve the Lord...I kept a 14 year old unwed mother in my home for a time of "probation"...and another Christian friend said...I have three words of advice.....PRAISE,PRAISE, PRAISE....and she meant to praise the girl in all that you could....she is now 19 and a great Mom....and we keep in touch. God's rich blessings to you and a prayer is sent on our behalf....keep up the faith!...In Him...sherry