Thursday, September 18, 2008

You have to have Hope....

Just imagine how we would feel without it? Without hope. We do not grieve like those without hope.

God is ever faithful. Thinking today of Joseph, in the prison, no clue when he was coming out. What happened with his relationship with God? How did he not dispair? Or did he, and God raise up a spark of hope inside him. We can often look at that story in the back end of Genesis, and gloss over the years of hardship and no clues. Did God whisper to his heart? Was his faith so strong he knew something had to come of this?

We read the story in hindsight, knowing the good to come, but he lived the story with "blindsight" not knowing what would happen.

So we sit, with a circumstance, struggle, need.... And God, like walking in Eden, is walking with us. Yes, it is harder here, but He is still walking with us. And where there is God, there is hope.

Nothing has changed with my little wild child. No new method or trick or thing to try. But I have hope. God gives hope.

Now I am going to go get some chocolate! ...hopefully, if I can dredge up enough coins from the bottom of my purse.

Post Script: I was good! I ate a pear instead!

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