Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Couper la poire en deux."

"Couper la poire en deux."
I must learn French, just so I can pronounce this phrase! I love this French idiom which came across my radar screen by courtesy of <>
"Couper la poire en deux."
literally means: "cutting the pear in two," meaning to reach a compromise. "If two people want the same pear, halving it is the most equitable way to settle the dispute.
For example: 'Both our families wanted us to come over for Christmas, so we cut the pear in two: we'll spend Christmas Eve at his parents', and Christmas Day at mine.'"

Isn't that a cool saying...can't you just see it now. My kids arguing over what dvd to watch Friday night and I proclaim: "Couper la poire en deux!"
And problem solved with a little elegance....well I would actually have to say "Couper la poire en trois.", since there are actually three of them. And then in December it will have to be: Couper la poire en quatre." when Olivia comes home...and then of course, my opinion as well, so Couper la poire en cinq."
Sigh....maybe I need to look up the phrase for , "Let's make pearbutter!"
None the less...I shall find just the right opportunity to use it.
Let's cut the pear in two.

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