Wednesday, October 08, 2008

End of Opus and Black Marker Comics

It was announced today that Opus Comic

Strip would soon be publishing it's final cartoon. I know there are probably many Opus fans, amd at times in the past, I will admit, there are some things about Opus I found funny.
However, Nicholas is the big Sunday Funnies Fan in our home. His grandma, Nanny, saves and brings over stacks of funnies for him. He loves them. But, he often finds Opus offensive and not appropriate..especially for a 10 yr old. Some times Nanny would have taken a black marker and block out Nick would not be upset by it. Just the other day he told me, I wish "they" wouldn't make comics like Opus.
:) His wish came true.
I wonder what "they" will replace it with?

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