Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What to do when you're bored.

I was bored this afternoon after work. Just not in the mood for anything. No reading, no to do list, no ...blah. Bored.

But I am trying to have the kids watch less movies, less computer, more family time and more interaction.

So, after dinner, I said Let's play scavenger hunt. I made two lists of items around the house or yard. Each of the kids got a brown paper bag and went off to find the items on their list. I read Mary's list to her. Off they scrambled:

Something pink. A red crayon. Six blades of grass. Any thing with sponge bob on it. A disney character. etc.

Once they collected all their items, they had to set them out, in order in a, square, triangle..then stand in the middle as we recited their list and checked items off.

Everyone had a blast. Then they decided to make their own list for the other to find. Nick wrote Anthony's, Tad wrote Nicks. ...I wrote Mary's. It was cute how they elaborated on the idea. Tad gave Nick items lie: What Jesus died on, a can of Pam (nick had no clue what Pam was), a picture of your favorite brother. ... When Nick found all his items, he had to place them in the shape of a heart, stand in the middle, blow kisses and say "I love you family, I love you family!" LOL....Taddy had to stand on one leg, like a crane and say "ummmm" :)

We all had tons of fun, felt more connected and went to bed happy in our family.

A great way to bed the ho-hums.

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