Monday, October 13, 2008

A future at Starbucks?

Oh, how we want things to stay the same, when they are good, and to change QUICKLY when they are not.
Friday night we were preparing for some friends to come stay the weekend, and I told the kids they could all sleep in sleeping bags in the living room. My little man-child Nicky, was so excited, he got all the bags out of the garage, pillows, blankets, movie set up...all ready.
Four kids, four bags. Except one of the bags he got was a small little Winnie the Pooh bag he had used when he was 3 or 4. As we were deciding who would sleep where. He, who holds Pooh near and dear to his heart, even at 10, and having clear ownership rights, claimed the Pooh bag. I told him he was too big. It only came up to his belly. He got quiet and sad...but I did not notice at first. Thinking he was just being difficult. An hour went by and I noticed his sad face, as he sat on the coach. Asking what was wrong, he said he wanted to talk alone.
So we went upstairs. and he started crying. "Mom, in 8 years I will have to get a job and move out! I don't want to grow up! I am a decade already!!" Oh, my sweet little man-child. I hugged him, said he will always be my baby boy. He said I cannot even fit on your lap anymore!" I had to prove him wrong! :) Rocked him and we talked.
I told him, you won't be moving out at 18, you can go to community college and get a part-time job at Starbucks and live with mom!
That perked him up. "Really? What is a part-time job?" I explained it. He seemed somewhat pacified, and went on down to join the other kids.
Two days later, he came back up to me and said, "Mom, thanks for talking to me about know. I feel better."
How precious my children are. Held in my heart forever. Someone this morning said, hey if your kid works at Starbucks, they get a 30% discount!!
Now how cool is that??!!

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