Monday, October 20, 2008

I be Red

very very Red....:) My kids keep staring at me, but I think they like it. I like it.

I like my grey being gone

I like my three tone, part blonde and four inches of roots being gone.

I like that it was natural herb/leaves (henna) vs artificial chemical stuff.

I like that it came all the way from the slopes of mountains in India to my head. (not sure why, but I like that.)

I like that I did it myself.

I like that it was inexpensive - compared to $100 to $150 at the hair salon. (Cost me $21 plus shipping).

I like the color.

So it is funny, the henna comes in a powder..powdered leaves I think, and is green. You mix it with lemon juice to the consistency of mash potatoes, and let it sit over night. The kids saw me mixing and were all intrigued as to what it was. I did not tell them what it was for and told them only that it was an herb. They were so afraid I was going to make them EAT it with all the new recipes I have been doing lately.

They called it green poop, fungus, etc. and were SOOOO curious why I was mixing it up. I told them they would find out the next day. I went around 1/2 the day with a towel on my head. (You have to leave it in for 4 hours or is like mud all over your hair) and when they asked about the "green poop", I told them it was on my head! lol You should have seen there shock.

They all seem to like my red hair though. Tadpole just keeps staring at me. lol.

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steffany said...

Love the red!